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InPac 14360 redundant 30-ton HVAC

Built in 50% redundancy to greatly reduce downtime.

Basic logic says if you want double the cooling capacity, you need to double the unit size. Not so with Specific Systems InPac product line. In today's structures, wall space is often at a premium. Because of this, one of our goals is to maximize the amount of cooling while using the smallest possible space.

Our custom-designed interlaced coil system allows us to provide an inherent 50% backup in the space of many companies' single units. All InPac units 3-tons and greater include redundant dual refrigeration circuits even when incorporating low ambient controls. For instance, our 30 ton system, shown above, is actually two separate 15 ton systems utilizing a single dual-shafted evaporator blower and four condenser fans tp greatly reduce downtime.

Backup/auxiliary fans can be ordered for any size system for true redundancy, or if additional airflow is needed.

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