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HVAC for Refineries, Petrochemical facilities, and Power Plants

Providing third-party certified safe cooling to critical applications in hazardous environments

With over 40 years experience developing HVAC for the petroleum, power generation, and petrochemical industries, we have manufactured hundreds of systems for these applications.

We understand the need to keep critical processes running, so our all-in-one packaged severe duty HVAC units offer the most reliable environmental control available. Our explosion proof HVAC systems are designed to operate in extreme conditions from sand-filled desert heat to frozen ice caps.

To meet the specialized needs of these critical components of infrastructure, we offer pre-engineered option packages for buildings an enclosures including:

  • General purpose
  • Class I Division 2
  • Class I Division 1

Explosion proof design

  • Class 1 Div 2 labeled AMCA Type A spark-resistant TEAO evaporator motors
  • Class 1 Div 2 labeled AMCA Type A spark-resistant TEFC condenser motors
  • Built-in NFPA 496 compliant purge & pressurization
  • Corrosive and combustible gas alarms
  • Standard or freestanding fresh air intake stack

Corrosion resistance

  • 16-gauge galvanized steel with industrial powdercoat finish
  • Corrosion resistant coil coatings (Heresite, Technicoat or Ecoat)

Air Filtration

  • Built-in chemical filtration system including:
    • MERV-8 pre-filter
    • Two banks of chemical filtration media
    • MERV-8 final-filter (can be upgraded to MERV 11 or 14)
  • Washable foam return air filter

Additional protection for blast-resistant buildings

  • Blast dampers
  • Walk-in service plenum

Options for Analyzer shelters

  • Full Class 1 Div 2 interior/exterior design

100% Redundancy

  • Dual units with common intake plenum
  • Dual units with single, smaller wall opening, service plenum, and deep bed air scrubber
  • Auto-duplexor microprocessor based PLC control panel features
    • Auto switchover between units
    • Manual selection of units
    • Override to energize standby unit and lockout other in the event of power failure, A/C failure, loss of air flow, or high temp alarm

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