All-In-One Packaged Industrial HVAC and Pressurization Equipment

Designed to allow full environmental control of your building.

Our InPac® units are engineered from the ground up to make your job easier. In fact, our modular design eliminates the need for the integration of systems from multiple vendors. Instead, using a Specific Systems® InPac® HVAC allows for a single point of connection to perform all of the functions otherwise requiring multiple types of units.

Starting with our time-proven industrial DX air conditioning system, you can include:

  • Built-in NFPA 496 compliant building purge & pressurization
  • Chemical and/or high efficiency particulate filtration
  • Electric heat
  • Air quality monitoring for explosive, toxic, or corrosive gases

This all-in-one design gives you a single point of connection, making for quicker and more efficient integration into your structure. Form-C dry contacts for alarm outputs are standard, with full remote controls available through an optional BacNet or LonWorks compatible PLC.

When combined with industrial features like 50% inherent redundancy, Specific Systems® InPac® is the right choice for critical applications.

Inherent Redundancy

Built in 50% redundancy to greatly reduce downtime.

Basic logic says if you want double the cooling capacity, you need to double the unit size. Not so with Specific Systems® InPac® product line. In today's structures, wall space is often at a premium. Because of this, one of our goals is to maximize the amount of cooling while using the smallest possible space.

Our custom-designed interlaced coil system allows us to provide an inherent 50% backup in the space of many companies' single units. All InPac® units 3-tons and greater include redundant dual refrigeration circuits even when incorporating low ambient controls. For instance, our 30 ton system, shown above, is actually two separate 15 ton systems utilizing a single dual-shafted evaporator blower and four condenser fans to greatly reduce downtime.

Backup/auxiliary fans can be ordered for any size system for true redundancy, or if additional airflow is needed.

Third-Party Certifications

Specific Systems HVAC equipment has undergone several stringent third-party certification processes to ensure their safety. Unlike modified equipment, our entire product line is certified. This eliminates the need for field certifications.

Our manufacturing facility includes a UL certified panel shop where our panels are meticulously assembled to high industrial standards.

Our standard third party certifications include:

  • UL
  • CSA
  • ETL (Intertek)

Other certifications are available, including FM and GOST where necessary.

Rest assured that your Specific Systems HVAC is safe for use by your employees and in your application, regardless of how customized it is.

Multiple Configurations,
Many Options

Verticals, Horizontals, or Splits – We'll make sure it fits.

The modular design of our InPac® systems allow reconfiguration of the basic components during the engineering phase of your unit. This combines the flexibility of a custom-designed system with the shorter lead times and easier component maintenance options of a fully-standard system.

Available Options

Our design also allows for the inclusion of many options that require separate units or multiple hookups on competing units.

Check out this list of some of our most commonly ordered options.


Top Quality Mechanical & Electrical Components

Better components lead to longer life.

To keep our units running smoothly, we incorporate only the best components from top quality manufacturers. These motors, compressors, fans, electrical components, etc. allow us to provide rugged, reliable HVAC equipment while keeping warranty, service and maintenance costs low. Some of the features of our parts include:

  • Totally-enclosed motors rated for Class 1, division 2 are standard in all of our InPac systems
  • TEAO evaporator motors
  • TEFC condenser motors
  • All compressors are hermetically-sealed scroll-type for use in hazardous environments
  • Blower wheels incorporate welded hubs for durability

Other certifications are available, including FM and GOST where necessary.

Rest assured that your Specific Systems HVAC is safe for use by your employees and in your application, regardless of how customized it is.

Customer Service: Before, During, and After the Order

Customer Satisfaction is our Priority.

We know we build the world's highest quality industrial HVAC equipment, but it's more important that you, our customer, feels the same. The commitment to ensuring that quality includes providing quick and honest customer service from the first moment of contact.

As an Intertek certified ISO 9001 company, we welcome feedback from our customers and incorporate it into our product development loop for continual improvement. In fact, customer feedback is the reason Specific Systems was founded, and recent feedback from our customers had led to design enhancements that improve serviceability and accessibility for maintenance personnel.


Now that you know more about our industrial HVAC product lines, please take a minute to request a quote or additional information and one of our knowledgeable employees will contact you shortly.

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